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Behold… My new Tamagotchi! This is a Tamagotchi P, I loved the bling and pastel colours so much that I couldn’t resist getting one. As some of you might remember I used to be quite addicted to those eggs (and even made a dedicated website) but I left the hobby a while ago. The last one I purchased was a Japanese Tamagotchi Color in 2009 and I sold a large portion of my collection last year. And now this…

Tamagotchi P's Green

In my defense the new Tamagotchi is much more complex than the first release in 1997. It’s almost like a mini game-system with a lot of characters, various locations, differents meals, things to ‘buy’, multiple mini-games, Tama Pets etc. The fun thing about the Tamagotchi P’s is that you can attach a Tama Deco Pierce to it. You can disconnect the plastic heart and replace it with a Tama Pierce, this will add extra characters, mini-games, items and wallpapers. So far 11 of those pierces have been released and I’ve got my mind set on the Sanrio Character Mix Change and the Yumemiru Change Ribbon:

Tamagotchi P's Deco Sanrio

The Tamagotchi P’s has got many raisable characters with 24 new featured characters. Special characters such as Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Kuromametchi are unlockable by linking a Tama Deco Pierce such as the Love & Melody Deco Pierce (that one is on my wannahave list as well…)

Tamagotchi P's Characters

By Linking to another Tamagotchi your characters can bathe or eat together, but don’t serve them rice all the time or they’ll hate you:


Here’s another look on how sweet the animations are, this time it’s Yumemitchi with Aokumotchi. As you can see she dolls him up with a giant bow, a nice gender bender touch Smile


I’ve purchased my Tamagotchi from eBay, but you could also try HLJ, AmiAmi or CDJapan.
If you prefer the old Tamagotchi’s, you might want to have a look at the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. app, which is (sadly) only available for residents of the USA and Canada.

13 thoughts on “Tamagotchi P’s

  1. oh wow, I used to love tamagotchi’s when i was a kid and these look way to adorable. I think I may have to buy one.

    1. The positive thing about this Tamagotchi is that while it still poops A LOT you can also bring it to kindergarten or work. This way you get to enjoy some time to work as well ;)

  2. Wow! This tamagotchi is just so kawaii!! Just a few years ago I remember playing tamagotchi but it was only offered in black and white screen, and it was not as cute as yours! Oh, I miss those days!Wow

    1. Maybe it was the Tamagotchi Connection or Tama-Go that you played with? Those are also very sweet Smile

  3. So after seeing this post… I now have a pink one with the hello kitty pierce on its way in the mail. Any idea where i can find a translation guide for it? My Japanese is terrible so i’m worried i wont be able to figure out how to use it.

  4. hi dear! i’m another new tamagotchi owner and i kept having a boy :(
    no matter how many times i reset, it’s still a boy! how do i get a girl?

    1. Hi Sarah! That’s weird, usually you’ve got a 50% chance getting a boy or girl.
      What happens when you raise a boy and get a new baby? Usually when I had a girl tamagotchi and raised it to an adult, it got a boy (and otherwise)

  5. You are soooo lucky! I ordered mine on september 29. Just hope it won’t be too long. How many time did it take to you to receive yours?

    1. I hope you’ll receive your Tamagotchi soon Smile!
      It depends on where you live and what kind of shipping you chose (EMS, AIR or SAL). EMS is usually very quick -within a matter of days- and the other shipping methods take longer, their time varies. I received mine within a week with SAL, but usually that shipping method takes longer.

    1. Sadly it’s only in Japanese. Although I have to say it isn’t too hard to figure out the functions. A new (English) Tamagotchi called ‘Tamagotchi Friends‘ will be launched in Europe this December and in the USA in 2014.

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