Kawaii Webcomics

I’ve been planning a cute craft, but because it’s still so dark outside (HELLO Spring, you can come out now >_<) I’ll have to wait with taking pictures. In the meantime, why not enjoy these kawaii websites:

Kawaii Webcomic Cuddles and Rage

Cuddles and Rage is a mixed webcomic made by a husband and wife team who like food a lot. I especially enjoy the dioramas with cute clay sculpts.

Kawaii Not Webcomic

Kawaii Not is a four panel comic, which has been around since 2005 and features everyday cute objects in funny situations. Star

Kawaii Webcomic My Mlik Toof

My Milk Toof is an adorable webcomic with two teeth -named ickle and lardy- who experience tiny adventures in a big world. It has been created by Inhae Renee, to kill the dullness she was experiencing in her job. That’s time well spent Grin

Another comic you might enjoy is Everyday Cute, nowadays mostly known for Pusheen the cat.