Kawaii Home Office

My Kawaii Home Office Desk

Today I’d like to show you my tiny kawaii home office. My favourite waste of time is looking at other people’s interiors (or just bluntly peeking through windows) and I hope you’ll enjoy this post ^_^. This is the place where I dutifully code websites, design stuff and update kao-ani. Metin and I both work from the living room, because otherwise we would hardly see each-other. Luckily my desk is near the front window, so I can also use it to take pictures on. It’s actually a dining table combined with a simple drawer unit, which gives me enough room to make a mess work.

My Kawaii Home Office Desk

The wall shelf from Ikea has been on my wishlist for a long time. It’s probably not trendy anymore, but I really like the robust style. On it I keep some of my Blythes (I have multiple, somehow you can’t just have one…), plants and kawaii Japanese items. I’ve attached a hanger to it that holds my newly made necklaces for the kawaii jewelry shop, which I badly need to update.

My Kawaii Home Office - Jewelry

My Kawaii Home Office - Jewelry

The cute box on my desk was a gift from Irene and holds many necklace charms. They are being guarded by Nuthugger, my much coveted vinyl toy by Seonna Hong.

My Kawaii Home Office Desk

Somehow I always end up buying sweet stationery even though the notebooks are almost too pretty to use. I’ve been making sketches in this San-X notebook with new DIY ideas. They just kept coming and I hope that they’ll translate well to Illustrator. Now all I need is more time on my hands…

Expectations vs. Reality

So this is what happens when the Magic Mouse gives you a mild case of RSI and you head to the local hardware store for a regular mouse (the 80’s are calling). And while I try to work with it Catootje extends herself from her huge pillow, trying to persuade me to pet her. Life is hard.

cute home cat

12 thoughts on “Kawaii Home Office

  1. Hi Natasja!

    Indeed it is exciting peeping into interiors. Yours is too CUTE!!! No And so neat and spotless white! Love your dolls too. Heart
    Can we also get at any time a closer look at Metins corner compared with yours?

    1. Hiya Magda! Thank you for your comment ^_^

      To be honest I don’t think that it would be very exciting to share Metin’s space, since it’s placed behind the couch (long story) and doesn’t leave room for many decorations. Also he doesn’t own any dolls ;p and his 3D creations are placed in another cabinet (which might be nice to share some time Smile). But to give you a tiny impression: Metin’s desk and computer are pretty much the same as mine, but he works with a tablet.

  2. That’s such a neat, tidy and cute workspace ~
    It has plenty of cute things without being overdone and having white for the desk and shelves really lets your dolls and other things stand out.
    Thanks for sharing Blush

    1. Tank you so much SamJam!
      I’m a bit of a minimalist (too many items distract me), but I do have a tendency to hoard collect cute items. So it can be difficult to find a balance, so I’m happy to hear that you like it Grin

  3. I really love your work area. It looks so nice with all the white and the cute things.

    It’s kind of funny because my white cat loves to get on the desk with me and ‘help’ haha. Heart

    1. Thank you so much Kya!

      Haha cats are so helpful Razz When I forget to pet her, she’ll just head-but my hand herself. And because this is the hand that controls my mouse or keyboard, I often type none existing words or involuntarily click on links (luckily she’s hasn’t pushed a ‘buy it now’ button so far Cat ).

  4. I’d been following your site since sometime around early-mid 2000s, it honestly makes me so happy that you still update it. ;_;

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