Japan Candy Box June Review

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

You’ve probably heard of Blippo’s lovely Kawaii Box. Recently Blippo has introduced a new monthly subscription plan called Japan Candy Box, which is stuffed with 8-10 Japanese treats. The Japan Candy Box will be shipped at the end of each month, so I received a shipping notice for the June box at July 2th. Two weeks later a nice white package was delivered to my front door and -similar to the Kawaii Box- there were no custom duties involved ^_^.

I might have squealed a little upon seeing the contents of the box. All those Japanese sweets and those super cute packages! There were quite some snacks that I had never tried before, so it was really nice to discover them. Also I noticed that the expiration dates were very reasonable: in theory you could wait up until 6 months to eat them (like that is going to happen…).


You’ll find the contents of the box at the back of the thank you note.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

The first package that I couldn’t resist to open were the Koala March Biscuits filled with chocolate creme. I wonder how many different koala prints there are? Anyway I have tried these before and they taste great, just think of Nutella trapped inside the cutest biscuits.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

With these Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates I had a flashback. They look like ‘Smarties’ and I suddenly remembered that those came with various prints on the back of the boxes. So I wonder if it is the same with these Kotsubu Chocolates? The taste is a bit similar, but somewhat more ‘fruity’ if that makes sense.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

Tiny chewing gum, also from Meiji. It tastes like regular children’s chewing gum and comes with a nice dispenser so you could share them with your friends or devour them all at once. Isn’t this package the cutest?

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

I received Kabaya Fish Gummies while some boxes came with Frog Gummies. They show the growth from a fish egg to complete fish <3 The gummies smelled super sweet, but they actually tasted really good. The ingredients listed natural flavors and colorings without any e-numbers. It does contain gelatin though, so if you are vegan this might not be the best candy for you.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

I haven’t tried the above sour cola paper candy yet, but I have a suspicion what it will taste like (^_^). The chewing candy and bubble gum will be guarded by Monster Burp until I come out of my sugar coma.

Another item that I haven’t tasted yet -but that I’m sure will live up to the expectations- are the Pikachu Pretzels.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

This miniature Dorayaki pancake had the word Tsubuan written on it’s wrapper. When Google told me that this is red bean paste, it immediately sparked Metin’s interest. So I shared the dorayaki with him and we both enjoyed it. Somehow I thought the bean paste would taste salty, but it was quite sweet indeed and Metin mentioned that it even tasted a little spicy. You can get a full bag of Dorayaki at Blippo or try your hand at this recipe.

Pop’ Cookin’ set

The contents of the Japan Candy Box are a secret -which is part of the fun- but if you are lucky you’ll receive a DIY set in your month’s box! So I was delighted to find a Pop’ Cookin’ set in it. I had only seen sets that contain a gelly-like substance, but this Neri Candy Land kit comes with another sort of candy. It looks and feels a bit like polymer clay, except it’s much more stickier and edible!

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

The kit comes with various colors of ‘candy clay’ that you should also be able to mix, although that didn’t work for me. I might have done something wrong here though ;) I wouldn’t recommend to use the wooden miniature roller on the candy, this didn’t give a smooth result. But the roller is great to make donut holes with. On the box and plastic package you’ll find lots of ideas to work with. You can also use the white plastic container as a mold, I really enjoyed the cloud shape which called for a rainbow. I believe that you can receive one out of four different molds in your kit.

After some trial and error I got the hang of it and had a lot of fun making miniature sushi and donuts. The candy tasted sweet and sour at the same time, albeit a little artificial, but not too bad.

Japan Candy Box Blippo Review

Conclusion and Giveaway

Would I recommend the Japan Candy Box? Most certainly! To be honest I enjoyed it even more than the Kawaii Box, because it’s such a nice surprise to see all the kawaii packages and try the candy. However the box contains mostly sugary sweets, so you’d best resist the urge to eat them all at once (^_-). The price is $19.90 per month (including shipping) and June’s box contained about $32 worth of candy from Blippo, so that’s a great deal.

This post was kindly sponsored by Blippo and they will also offer a giveaway on kao-ani.com! So stay tuned if you want to win your own Japan Candy Box (^ω^)

P.S. if you’d like to order one of the candies or other items from Blippo.com feel free to use the code KAWAIILOVE for a 10% discount.

8 thoughts on “Japan Candy Box June Review

  1. The packaging and your photos are both so cute! I like bean desserts and bean pies aren’t unusual here, so that dorayaki sounds great. I imagine the Pikachu candy is like Pocky or Pretz?

  2. I recently bought a tiny box (about 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch) that must have contained candy at one time. There are Japanese characters on three sides and on the fourth side in English is written MilkiriCalamels. On the front and back are 2 cartoon like baseball players with a “y” on the cap and the letters yan, partial for Yankees I guess. There were others characters on similar boxes also, not sports related but also cartoon drawn, cute smily chubby ones. Do you have any idea as to the company, contents or approximate year of manufacture?

    1. Hello Mike, thank you for your question. I’ve looked it up and it appears to be a Japanese match box, I think it’s from the 50’s or 60’s. You can find a match box with the same text on this website: http://matchi-box.jugem.jp/?eid=31 (scroll down) I hope this helped a bit ^_^

  3. Everyone is always excited to try the Koala March Biscuits and I can see why – they look delicious. I wonder if they taste like Hello Panda Biscuits? Thank you for putting on this giveaway! Good luck to everyone who entered/enters!! Smile

    1. Thank you Lizzie! I do think that the taste is a bit similar, but it has been a while since I tasted Hello Panda biscuits.

    1. Thank you so much Charmaine! I believe that the flavour was soda, but I’m not 100% sure. The grape version looks very nice (and cute) as well Grin

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