H&M goes kawaii

During some window-shopping at H&M yesterday, I was surprised to find out that they have released a selection of kawaii clothes and accessories.

H&M kawaii cute clothes

A long Little Twin Stars t-shirt with Kiki & Lala. It’s so nice to finally see the Little Twin Stars outside of the children department. I think they could have been a little more inventive with the t-shirt design though. It’s still available in the Netherlands, but I noticed that this shirt is almost sold out in the UK. So you’d better grab one quickly if you like it.

H&M kawaii cute clothes

To me this Sailor Jersey Top stood out. I think it’s the best looking item from the new selection and it would be great for Sailor Moon fans.

H&M kawaii cute clothes

Yeah, I’m ambivalent about the Manga Sweater, somehow the colors look wrong.

H&M kawaii cute clothes

Another item that I’m not so fond about; the colour screams Barbie and the fabric looks super itchy.

H&M Kawaii Panda Loafers 2015

A kawaii line wouldn’t be complete without pandas, so H&M offers a panda backpack, loafers and iPhone case. These items certainly look cute, but maybe a tad childish.

What do you think about the new selection, are you planning on buying something?

7 thoughts on “H&M goes kawaii

  1. The collection looks really cute unfortunately I don’t have H & M where I live. If I were to buy some things from the collection I’d get the Little Twin Stars Tshirt, Panda Shoes, Sailor Top, and Manga sweater.Sun

  2. I love the anime girl sweater. They should give her an official name so I know what to call her In LoveHeartCake

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