Fluffy House

While browsing through the app store I stumbled upon a puzzle game called Fluffy Coffee. The easy gameplay and cute illustrations quickly won me over. The publisher turned out to be Fluffy House, a small company that creates adorable characters. Upon closer inspection I realized that I had seen some of their characters, such as Miss Rainbow and “I Am Okay”, already. While browsing through their shop I might have squealed a few times and I’m seriously considering to get my paws on an Ordinary Bear and Naughty Rabbit set.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Miss Rainbow loves little animals and likes to hang out with her pal called Little Raindrop.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Ordinary Bear takes care of others and you can often find him in his kitchen, where he prepares the best meals.

Fluffy House - Cute Kawaii Game

The Fluffy Coffee puzzle game is completely free and available for both Apple and Android. You help MR. White Cloud to take care of his shop and will earn wallpapers in return. It’s a relaxing and quick gameplay, so I can recommend it ^_^.

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

Fluffy House - Cute Vinyl Toy

The character toys from left to right: Ordinary Bear, Mr. White Cloud, Chicky (comes with Miss Rainbow), Little Raindrop and Miss Rainbow. Not pictured here is the new “I AM OK” figure set, a collaboration with Bubi Au Yeung. You might know her from Treeson.

Fluffy House - Ordinary Bear and Naughty Rabbit

This is the Ordinary Bear and naughty Rabbit set. These toys will set you back $39.90 plus a small amount of shipping costs. I think they will be a great excuse to dust off my Re-ment (Japanese miniatures) collection. Oh and if you happen to be in the online Fluffy House Shop, have a look at the costumes section, those are so cute!
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