DIY Digital Washi Tape Tutorial

I’ve updated my about page a little bit and added new pictures:

Metin is posing in Gangnam style Cool and as long as Catootje doesn’t walk directly into the camera lens (she’s such a poser), it’s hard to take bad pictures of her.
I wanted to add some digital washi tape to the frames and it turned out to be relatively simple to make Smile For this tutorial you’ll need some basic understanding of Photoshop or a similar photo editing program.

  1. Download free tape strips from Pugly Pixel
  2. Make a striped pattern using the Stripe Generator. For the above tape I’ve used a pattern of 15 x 15 pixels. After changing the color or size, click on the pattern to see a preview, simply hit the download button once you’re satisfied.
  3. Open your pattern in Photoshop. Now from the top menu choose Edit > Define Pattern > OK.
  4. Open one of the tape strips in Photoshop and re-size it if necessary.
  5. Use the Layers Palette on the right: select the layer with the tape and click on the ‘fx’ button. Now select ‘Pattern Overlay’ and choose your striped pattern from the list.Washi Tape Tutorial
  6. To make the tape look a bit opaque like washi tape, change the opacity to about 85%. That’s it!
  7. You can use all sorts of patterns for the washi tape, like dots, flowers, hearts etc.
    These websites provide nice patterns: Background Labs | Moon Cat (click on ‘background’) | Yudu House | Oyone (click on item > large blue link) or check Deviantart

Free Digital Washi Tapes