Cute Plant Pots Ideas

In the Netherlands it’s been very dark and rainy the last couple of weeks. I was feeling a bit blue and decided to brighten up the living room with some cute planters and vases. You can never be too careful with Blue Monday just around the corner ;). I’d like to share some simple ideas for bringing a piece of nature into your home.


For this Peperomia plant I used my favorite bowl from House of Rym. Actually it would be best to have a bowl with a hole drilled at the bottom, but that’s not going to happen with ‘my precious’ so let’s see how this construction works out. It surely is a pleasure to look at (^_^).


I’d been eyeing the hedgehog Bloomingville plant pot for a while and it’s just as cute in person. The design called for a cactus, so I used one that I originally got for this plant pot tutorial years ago. Which is proof that everyone can keep a cactus alive!
The plant pot on the left is actually a mug. This is the mug I worked with, but you could use any mug with a diameter of about 8 cm (~3.15 inch). I drew the face on with a pencil and finalised it with Edding 4200 porcelain markers (for Dutch readers: Xenos is the place to be), which were a pleasure to work with. I probably prefer them over a Sharpie.


If you haven’t got much money to spare, I can highly recommend going to a yard sale or thrift store. I got this vintage cat plant pot (which has probably belonged to a granny) for 50 cents and upcycled it a bit by adding lashes.


Pastel coloured vases and planters are all the rage these days (you won’t hear me complain) and they combine well with green plants and soft coloured flowers. To be honest this is the first time that I bought a tiny vase and I definitely prefer it over a large one.
Have a kawaii weekend!

4 thoughts on “Cute Plant Pots Ideas

  1. So cute!!!, I have a Tiny plant in a fish plant pot, it looks funny because the plant is a succulent so the fish looks like he had a punk hairstyle Cool Heart

  2. I haven’t gotten any pots that are as cute as these, but I’ve definitely been working on upgrading from plain ol’ terra cotta. That cat pot is especially adorable!

    Either way, plants are cute all on their own. It’s just fun to decorate!

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