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Metin and I went sightseeing in Ghent last week and really enjoyed ourselves. We had a taste of Belgian beer, wafels and visited a castle. Actually the castle was more about weapons and the torture devices during the Middle Ages, fun. A woman took a picture of her little son at the guillotine and Metin said: “Well, he couldn’t have been THAT misbehaved!” hehe. Later we learned from our Bed & Breakfast host that more people shove their kids under the guillotine for a nice family picture…


In town you can find these awesome octopus school crossing signs:


A while ago someone took my green container (in the Netherlands these are being used for disposal of vegetable, fruit and garden waste). I thought it happened by accident and waited for it to return. No such luck. So I called it in and received a brand new bin (^_^).
Fast forward two weeks later, I came home soaking wet from the rain and noticed my old container on the street! I gladfully took it home, only to have it gone missing again the next day. I did some research and discovered that a neighbour had stolen it. Gah (>_<)! His excuse? His own bin had been stolen, so he just took mine. I mean really, how sad is that. I told him I he could keep our stinking container and pimped our new one today. Unless there's a Bronie living in the neighbourhood, I think it will be pretty save from now on: kliko-3


I couldn’t have pulled it off without the help from Catootje. And Metin. He rescued me from a spider climbing up my skirt.


One thought on “Pimp Your Container

  1. Oh wow, a green bin, that’s totally nifty! We don’t have those over here in the US (that I know of, anyway) Heart That’s really awesome. We have simple recycle bins aside from the obvious trash bins…. but who in the heck would steal someone’s bin is beyond me! exclaim That’s just… odd. Lol.

    What a beautiful kitty Catootje is, her eyes are amazing! Cat

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