Cute & Kawaii Tumblr Blogs – Part 2

I published the first set of Cute Tumblr recommendations in April and recently Andrea mentioned the Little Miss Paintbrush Tumblr (thank you ^_^).
So I thought it might be nice to show you some other Tumblr blogs.

Cute Kawaii Tumblr Blog - LittleMissPaintbrush – You might have seen Chichi’s sweet drawings on Rainbowholic and Japanlover.

Cute Kawaii Tumblr Blog - Kaiami – Kaiami creates cute doodles and illustrations about Ghibli, Animal Crossing, Alpaca’s and more.

Cute Kawaii Tumblr Blog - Genie – Work from illustrator and character designer Genie Espinosa

Cute Kawaii Tumblr Blog - Victoria Ying Artist Victoria Ying posts illustrations and sketches on her Tumblr.

Cute Kawaii Tumblr Blog - KickingCones A collection of words, ideas, and illustrations by Katrina Constantine.

Other Tumblrs you might enjoy are Doodle Everyday and the nice pixel art from 1041 .

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