Cute Flash Games

These games come from Nartbox, Kiteretsu, GameAngel and Naver. Want to play some more? I can recommend Orisinal and Nitrome

Candy Game:
Collect the sweets, but be aware of the falling bunnies! They’ll give you a headache (*_*)
Cute Game

Window Cleaning:
Use your arrows and the space bar to clean the windows. But be aware of opening windows or falling items, once hit you can start from scratch.

Pocky Poo:
Click with your mouse to make the penguin poop, aim on the (vertical) stick and you’ll get a chocolate-bear-pocky! Your reflexes have to be fast though.
Icecream Game

Cookie Factory:
Turn the horrified cookie dough into the cookies displayed on the board by using your mouse. Next put them into a present-box so they can be delivered.
Cookie Factory

Zoo Keeper:
This game is very addictive, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Click on the animals you want to switch to make 3 or more in row. This will make them disappear. Try to clear the field before you run out of time.
Zoo Keeper

This game plays like zookeeper, but I believe you get extra points for “preparing” food that the chef on the right asks for. The images are kawaii!

Angel Market:
A simple memory game variation, but the Decole characters just rock my socks…
Angel Market

Maze Making game :
Use your mouse to put the pieces on the water so the monkey can cross to the other side.
Maze Making Game