Sanrio food character contest

Currently Sanrio Japan is keeping a cute food character contest. Each visitor can choose five out of the twenty characters to vote on. The most popular character -which will be announced in December- might even become a real Sanrio product ^_^

These are my four favourite characters, imho the fish should win because of the cute expressions and side characters.

1. たらこ生活 – Apparently this is some sort of fish (which doesn’t look very attractive in real life)
Sanrio Cute Food

2. Omu Omu – A panda riceball, epic bento win!
Sanrio Cute Food - Panda Rice

3. Alpaca Junkfood – Another nice combination Smile, although I hope the food won’t taste hairy.

4. Kashi Wanko Mochi – A dog shaped mochi (rice cake), look at those little paws.
Sanrio Cute Food - Wanko Mochi

Which one is your favourite?

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4 persons have commented (^_^)

  1. Ice Pandora says:

    Food & cuteness, can’t go wrong with these two combination! c: XxHeart

  2. toadette says:

    I think that my favourite is number 20 (mushrooms). Smile

  3. Chibilaria says:

    I can’t choose , they are all sooo cute In Love
    I love your blog/site Heart

  4. Euri says:

    OMG this is so cute! I want that panda onigiri!! HeartHeartHeart