Kawaii Cats Stickers & Pin by We Are Extinct

In the upcoming weeks I would like to introduce you to some Dutch designers who have a passion for anything kawaii. First up is Erik Buikema from We Are Extinct. His illustrations are cheerful, cute and sometimes refer to 80’s toys.

I’ve been following Erik for a while on Instagram and noticed that he had a new line called ‘yum yum cats’ coming up. All the illustrations looked equally cute, so I was happy to discover the stickers in the shop. I ordered them along with a pin and I’m very pleased with both items.

Yum Yum Cats Stickers and Pin

I used a couple of the yum yum cats stickers to brighten up my new wallet. The stickers are from vinyl and can also be used outdoors, so hopefully they’ll stick around for a while (pun intended).

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Stickers Review

The set contains 10 pieces in total and it’s hard to pick a favourite one. Maybe I like the ice bowl best, as they remind me a little of Nyan Nyanko.

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Stickers Review

Wit every order from We Are Extinct you’ll receive a free kawaii card! I’ve received a box full of kitties with a previous order and this ice cream shop card was even from a better quality, printed on shimmery paper.

Yum Yum Cats - We Are Extinct Pin Review

This is not my picture, but it shows how pretty the basket of kittens pin is. At about 4 x 4 cm it’s quite large and perfect for any cat-lover. If you are looking to get one yourself, do hop over to the shop, as there are only 15 pins left now.

Corocoro Coronya Cat by San-x

I was planning this post for Super Cute Kawaii last Sunday, when I noticed that Marceline already wrote about it ^_^. We’ve got quite a similar taste, she could be my long lost triplet sister.

Corocoro Coranya is the newest family member from San-X and I immediately took a liking to him. Kogepan was once my favourite San-X character, so I’m happy to see another bread-themed cutie!

corocoro coronya cat - new san-x character

Coronya is a small cat who lives on a street corner. He’s got a pet called Cream with whom he likes to make bread or sweets. It looks like Coronoya is easily scared (as most cats are) and in that case he will hide inside a coronet bread. He also seems to wear bread as a hat. His feline friend Puri-chan prefers to stick his head in a slice of bread, which makes hime one of the oddest, but cutest characters of 2017.

corocoro coronya cat

corocoro coronya cat hats

San-X has just released the first line of products, ranging from stationery to bags. I’m especially fond of the plushes and preordered one of Puri-Chan/Otomoni. I’ll make sure to post his picture on my Instagram once he gets here!

corocoro coronya cat plush buy san-x

You can order Corocoro Coronya at AmiAmi, or keep an eye on this shop for restocks.
At the official Coronya page you can find wallpaper for your desktop and phone, as well as a short movie. If you want a summer themed wallpaper, you can hop over to Twitter or follow Coronya on Instagram.

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