Sparkle Side Up Character Food Recipes

Eimear from the Sparkle Side Up loves to travel to cute places and so far she has visited a whopping 40 theme restaurants! From her love of these themed restaurants came attempts at making cute food at home. You’ll find recipes of her successful treats on the blog. Actually I think they look great, so I hope Eimear will keep the recipes coming (^_^)

Gudetama Recipe from the Sparkle Side Up

Gudetama Chocolates Recipe from the Sparkle Side Up

Fun Fact: Eimear doesn’t like eggs, but she is a fan of the quirky Gudetama (lazy egg) character. If you can’t stand eggs yourself you could still make the Gudetama milk pudding, because it uses half an apricot and chocolate for the face. The lemony Gudetama chocolates look equally cute and would make a great gift as well.

Totoro Cake Recipe from the Sparkle Side Up

Looks like this sweet Totoro mini cake was too tempting.

Domo-kun Millionaire's Shortbread from the Sparkle Side Up

Let’s hope these Domo-Kun shortbreads won’t bite back. I’d like to make a bunch of them myself.

You can find all the cute character food recipes on the Sparkle Side Up, where Eimar also blogs about her travels, or follow her on Instagram.

Seven Seas – Anime Art by Nanami


Japanese illustrator Nanami Tomorou (a.k.a. Seven Seas) is inspired by girl anime from the late 70’s and 80’s. You can probably tell that from these great Creamy Mami illustrations. Creamy Mami was a popular magical girl anime series which aired from 1983 to 1984 on Nippon Television. It was broadcasted in France, Spain and Italy as well and you can still find new merchandising from it these days.


Yuu was given magic powers (⊃●‿●)⊃━☆゚* and 2 space cats (^●ω●^) after an encounter with a spaceship. She used this power to transform herself into pop idol Creamy Mami.


Nanami also likes to create happy and playful illustrations packed with animals, I especially like this Panda encounter:


Check out Nanami’s Pixiv to see more of her work.

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