Minion Toy Designs by Metin

Finally I can reveal a project that Metin has been working on last year. The project was super secret and the toy production company had a strict deadline to meet the release of the movie. That’s why Metin asked two other designers to help and he participated in the project management. I’m very proud of him and think the end result looks really good, so without much further ado I’d like to introduce the Minion pencil caps ^_^:

Minion Pencil Caps - by Metin Seven

Minion Pencil Caps - by Metin Seven

These are two of the Minions that were created by Metin and secretly they are my favorite ones of the complete collection of 16 toys. He carefully modeled the Minions in 3D, with their characteristic looks and enough space inside to fit a pencil. The actual toys were produced in China. Below you can see the rendered design proposal:

Minion Pencil Caps - by Metin Seven

Minion Pencil Caps - by Metin Seven

I couldn’t control myself and used some Re-Ment props…

Minion Pencil Caps Plus Super

How cute is Minion Bob?!

Minion Pencil Caps - by Metin Seven

If you live in the Netherlands you might have heard of these Minions, they come for free with a purchase of €15 at the Plus Supermarket. Sadly these Supermarkets are a bit unevenly spread so if you haven’t got one in your place, just stalk relatives and friends, or try your luck at Marktplaats.

Cute videos and movies

It’s lazy Sunday time so I’ve made a round-up of some cute videos, enjoy! ^_^

Secret Live of Pets trailer, from the makers of Despicable Me. The movie will be released in the summer of 2016 and I’d really like to see it.

I recently watched Song of the Sea and the visuals are truly mesmerizing. I can highly recommend it, especially if you are a Studio Ghibli fan.

Hisao Mitani -a 62-year-old funeral parlour owner- has been taking his pet Bon-chan on daily walks for several years. His wife had purchased Bon-Chan 19 years ago, who at the time still fitted in the palm of a hand. Over the years they’ve formed a special bond and the giant tortoise has grown considerably. You can also see them walking with a matching shell suit and bag <3

Brandon Li shares his impression of Tokyo’s many personalities in the short movie Tokyo Roar. (via

Gudetama’s life is so miserable, it almost hurts to look at this video (I can totally relate to the need for coffee though…).

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