Japanese Stationery Shop Review – Sweet Supplies Store

A while ago I started a series of Japanese Stationery Shop reviews. Only Cute Things from Japan and the Rainbowholic Shop were reviewed, before Cato fell ill :(.

To complete this series, I would like to share two more shops with you, starting with the Sweet Supplies Store. I already had a pleasant shopping experience there and this time I ordered washi tape and stickers. Because you can never have too much kawaii stationery, right?


Each package from Sweet Supplies Store will come with the cutest Japanese stamps. Everything is shipped in a sturdy envelope, so you don’t have to worry about items getting bend.



My order arrived with a card and a couple of cute flake stickers as gift.


Sweet Supplies Store offers MT washi tape at a very reasonable price. I can’t recommend MT tape enough, the quality is great and it’s easy to reposition. I also use MT to hang up garlands, light strings and cards, it sticks well and leaves no residue.


This ‘Chima Kira’ cat sticker sheet was the reason I started filling up my cart. If you look closely you can even spot a cute white cat resembling Cato. This particular sheet is sold out, but Sweet Supplies Store offers plenty of other cute Japanese cat stickers.



Shop owner Eriko has got a thing for budgies, so you can find many bird related stationery at Sweet Supplies Store. She also offers a great selection of official Mind Wave stickers, a kawaii Japanese brand that I’m very fond of.

Sweet Supplies Store Review Summary

Cute stationery in this shop

This store offers plenty of stationery, such as stickers, sticky notes, washi tape, rubber stamps, notebooks and pens. All the prints have got a cute theme, such as pets, fantasy and Sanrio characters.

Packing and shipping


Eriko emailed a picture of the ordered items and the package itself. She shipped the package very quickly and it arrived within a week. You can expect to find the cutest Japanese character stamps on your package ^_^

Product and shipping prices


The stationery items are all very affordable, especially if you order over $14.00. In that case you’ll receive a 10% discount. Shipping prices will start at around $3.50, for reference shipping by Airmail was $5.43 for my package. A tracking number will cost about $4.00 extra.
Shipping is a little on the higher side, compared to shops as Cute Things from Japan and Kawaii Shop Japan. But given the fact that Eriko has to pay Etsy fees, I think the prices are fair and she deserves 5 stars.

Customer service


Eriko responds very quickly to questions on Etsy and she restocked an item that I asked for.

Sweet Supplies Store is my go-to shop for cute quality washi tape and sticker sheets. I do recommend ordering over $14.00 (for a 10% discount) and to aim for lightweight items, to avoid high shipping costs.

Renewed Kawaii Box 2018 – Review & Giveaway

It’s been over a year since I reviewed the Kawaii Box, which has recently been renewed. Both the box and website were redesigned with a logo from Tado and kawaii illustrations from ChiChi. I’m a fan of both designers and think they did a great job.

Based on customer feedback, Blippo has also lowered the prices and added more variety. They asked me if I would like to check out the new box and I was happy to do so. Oh, do read on to the end for a giveaway of the brand new kawaii box!


The box has got a make-over with a new pattern, resulting in a cuter look. The pink is a bit more neon IRL.


The box now comes with a booklet (with illustrations from ChiChi), with details on all the items in the box. I think the booklet is a very nice and useful addition. This month’s theme is Summer Festival, so let’s see if the content brings us sunny vibes.


This Sanrio pyoconoru hanging plush was the first item that caught my eye. I was glad to receive Badtz Maru, because I do like his grumpy face. This plush should be able to hang from any ledge, such as the edge of a desk or monitor. Batz Maru wasn’t in the mood for any hanging though, he only wants to lie down. I’m fine with that, it’s a well made small and soft plush and I can recommend getting one to lounge on your desk.


This Hello Kitty paper tape is a welcome addition to my ever growing washi tape collection. I’m sure I can put it to good use in my bullet journal.


Next up are the syringe and flamingo pens. The syringe highlighter pen is very nice, it easily creates a straight line and gives plenty of (neon) colour. The flamingo multicolor pen looks pretty, but because of the large barrel I find it very difficult to write with.


Yes, Gudetama fitness stickers, do I need to say more? These stickers are so much fun and actually resemble me during a work-out (including the drooling).


This DIY whipped cream cupcake kit looks so cute. I have yet to try it out, you can find a tutorial on the Kawaii Box blog. At first I was confused by the blue clay, thinking it was meant for the cupcakes, but this is for the drinks. The cupcakes are created with whipped cream and you get to decorate them with the tiny fruit slices.


Every monthly box includes kawaii beauty accessories and Harajuku fashion essentials. I discovered kawaii unicorn nail stickers and hair ties in my package. The hair ties should resemble donuts, but IMHO they look a bit more fruity.


Watermelon is a popular fruit snack during the summer in Japan. These Kabaya watermelon gummies shaped like melon slices do invoke a summery feeling. The taste actually resembles watermelon and it’s not super sweet. The main ingredient of this candy is sugar though, so I’d advise you not to eat the whole pack at once (^_-)-☆.


The mochi squeeze toy charm is my least favorite item of the July box. The Mochi looked a bit dirty and squeezing it felt super weird. The sensation was what I imagine squeezing a cold jellyfish would feel like Vomit. The mochi was also hard to squeeze, not as soft as a regular squishy.

Kawaii Box Pricing and Shipping


The price for a Kawaii Box ranges from $17.90 to $19.90 a month, with free worldwide shipping. The total amount of the items in this July box was $29.90, so I think you get a good value for the price. There were a couple of items I would not purchase myself, such as the mochi toy and flamingo pen, but these would make nice gifts. Once a box has been shipped you’ll receive an e-mail with tracking number. My box arrived in about 15 days (to the Netherlands).

P.S. If you’d like to buy anything directly on Blippo, you can use the code KAWAIILOVE for a 10% discount.

Kawaii Box Giveaway ☆

Would you like to try out the brand new Kawaii Box as well? Feel free to enter the gadget below! You can fill as many entries as you wish. The more entries you get, the better your chances of winning are. The raffle will end on August 10 and the winner -chosen at random- will receive a free Kawaii Box from Blippo. Good luck to everyone!

Kao-ani Kawaii Box Giveaway
This post and giveaway is kindly sponsored by Kawaii Box ^_^

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