Kawaii Christmas Tree Card Craft

Want to cuten up your Christmas? Well, I’ve finaaaally created something in Illustrator Star
These are little kawaii Christmas trees which you can use as gift cards, tree ornaments or even as air freshener (spray some of your favorite perfume on it).

Kawaii Christmas tree cards

  • You will need:
  • Small pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White paper or thin card (A4 size)
  • Printer
  • Ribbon
  • Perforator/hole punch or exacto knife
  1. Download the Kawaii Christmas Tree Template.
  2. Print the template on some sturdy white paper, make sure to set the print size to A4.
  3. Cut out the tree and other elements that you’d like to use.
  4. You can use a perforator/hole punch or an exacto knife to make the hole at the top. To see where to punch remove the cap of the perforator and use it upside down to look through one of the holes as you position the tree.
  5. Decorate your tree however you’d like. You can also use ribbon, glitters, stars, stickers or washi tape, have fun!
  6. Put a folded piece of ribbon -total about 20 cm / 8 inch in length- through the hole and tie it at the back.

The first images on the template can be used as a pattern to make a felt tree or if you want to use colored paper to print on.

Kawaii Christmas tree gift card

If you’d like to give an experience or service instead of a gift, you can write it on the back of the card and put it in a nice envelope. For instance a trip, museum ticket, movie ticket, zoo ticket, cooking or babysitting could be really appreciated Grin
I hope you’ll have a nice time crafting!

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Our weekends are usually started with a movie. Most of the times accompanied by some chips and chocolate, the good life Grin

I want to share some movies with you which I really enjoyed this year:

  1. The dark Knight Rises – Lots of entertaining action here and oh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Smile (who we like to refer to as the dark Heath Ledger).
  2. Donnie Darko (Director’s Cut) – I can see this movie over and over and…
  3. Chronicle – What happens when you suddenly gain superpowers?
  4. Paranorman – Very nice animation, couldn’t believe it was stop-motion.
  5. The Intouchables – Heartwarming movie about the relationship between a paralyzed man and his caretaker.
  6. The Man from Nowhere – Great action movie and the best emo hair ever.
  7. Ted – Especially funny if you’re an 80’s kid.
  8. Man on Wire – Documentary movie about a daring high-wire routine performed between the WTC towers in 1974.
  9. Get the Gringo – Decent old-school action movie with Mel Gibson.
  10. Detachment – Dramatic and touching story about a teacher and his connection to the students.

TV-shows that I’m watching at the moment are Adventure Time, Breaking Bad, Dexter and Homeland.
Do you have any recommendations? Please share in the comments Smile

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