Cute Instagram Pets to Follow

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with Facebook. To be honest my timeline has become a bit boring, it looks like a repetition of last year. Lately I find myself more drawn towards Instagram, where I mainly follow people with a kawaii lifestyle. And pets. I need a daily dose of cute pets on the interwebs! The following critters usually tend to cheer me (and their dozen other followers) up:

1. Smoothie the Cat


Smoothie’s eyes are so pretty, it’s like you are looking into all the oceans at once <3

2. Norbert the Dog


Norbert is known for his high five and slightly protruding tongue, he’s the cutest little thing ever.

3. Naomiuno


This is a somewhat strange account of a Japanese couple that likes to pose their cats in front of food. The cats are sometimes dressed up, which they don’t seem to mind, but I don’t know why one of them often wears a neck-pillow.

4. MaruTaro


Marutaro is probably the most popular Instagram pet, with a whopping 2.4 million followers! It’s great that you get to see a little bit of the Japanese culture as well by following this cute Shiba Inu dog.

5. Yuzukousagi


This account follows the adventures of 3 rabbits, their owner makes them cute outfits (・ω・)

Are there any Instagram-pets that you can recommend? Please do share in the comments (^_^)

Sweet Bakes from Instagrammer Vickie Liu

vickie lu - cute pastel unicorn cookies

I hope you’ve still got a lunch or coffee break ahead while reading this post, because it might make you crave for sugar loaded food. A couple of years ago Vickie Liu was in between jobs when she decided to spend more time baking cookies and other sweet treats. After a while she started to share her creations on Instagram as Vickiee_Yo. I’ve just recently discovered her account and really enjoyed looking at all the sweet bakes!

vickiee yo / vickie lu - cute bakes

Vickie’s cute and kawaii bakings are inspired by Totoro, Pusheen and Rilakkumma, but she also comes up with her own characters. How sweet are her panda donuts and little cookie comics?:

vickiee yo / vickie lu - cute avocado cookies

vickiee yo / vickie lu - kawaii panda donut

vickiee yo / vickie lu - cute panda cookies

Follow @Vickiee_Yo if you are hungry for more!