Cute DIY Flower Pot

I like to have some plants to brighten up the room. But I also enjoy everyday items with smiley faces, so I decided to make a combination of those. I hope you’ll enjoy this craft ^_^

Cute DIY Craft - Kawaii Flower Pot

Cute DIY Craft - Kawaii Flower Pot

  • You will need:
  • A small plant and perhaps a bit of extra soil
  • A matching flower pot*
  • Address labels (white)
  • Permanent marker (black)
  • Perforator/hole punch
  • Chuboos nori punch or a small pair of scissors

*This sounds like common sense, but my lizard brain made me hunt for ceramic cups in advance. They turned out to be way too small… Better purchase a plant first and take it with you shopping for a matching pot or cup. I actually found these cute pots in our local flower shop. The small one measures about 10 cm / 3.9 inch in height.

Cute DIY Craft - Kawaii Flower Pot

  1. Color an address sticker solid black with your permanent marker.
  2. Use a perforator/hole punch to create eyes or a nose from the sticker.
  3. For other parts of the face you can use a Nori Punch. Please read on for alternative options.
  4. Stick the face stickers on the pot, fill it with soil and place the plant in it.
  5. Don’t forget to water regularly ;) or use a cactus if you’re lazy.

I highly recommend the Chuboos nori punch as pictured. This is really the most durable and sharp punch, you can find it on eBay, Amazon, Bento USA or Bentocraft

★ Draw face parts on the (black) sticker with a pencil and cut them out. Mouth: small round objects like a coin or tape roll help to draw half circles. Eyes: use a ruler to create squinted eyes.
★ Print this kawaii face template onto the white labels and cut the desired parts out.
★ Draw a face directly onto the pot. Make sure to try your permanent marker on the bottom of the pot first to see if it won’t come off easily.

3 thoughts on “Cute DIY Flower Pot

  1. Geweldig idee. Ik zoek die sharpie hier in de winkels maar nergens vinden. Amazon heb ik helaas geen CC. De template ga ik zeker downlowden als mijn comp klaar is (die is namelijk vol) aan het opruimen Grin

    1. Dank je wel Dhini! Je kunt de Sharpie in Nederland bij een kantoorboekhandel of hobby winkel vinden.
      Als je alsnog geen Sharpie kunt vinden, laat het me dan even weten Smile

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