Kaoani and Pixel Adoptions


These lonely critters are looking for a new home on your website or toybox. Adoption prochedure: 1. Right click on the adoption of your choice and use “save image as”. 2. Upload the image to your own server or free image host. 3. Place the critter on your site and link it back to www.kao-ani.com. […]

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Cute Emoticons


What you can do with these cute emoticons: You can use them to express yourself in your blog, tagboard or personal website. What you can’t do with these smileys: You are not allowed to use them on a messageboard (BBS), commercial website, alter/edit them or redistribute them. Please don’t forget to credit kao-ani with a […]

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Clocks & Calendars for your Website


Due to website problems the pixels clocks and calendars had to be moved as of 27 March, please grab the new code. Also some people asked me if it was possible to display the local time. I’ve changed the script, so it should display your time now Feel free to use one of these clocks […]

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