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Last July, I intended to blog more regularly, but most posts remained unfinished. I’m sorry for disappearing like that! To be honest I’m not sure what really happened. It’s probably a combination of things: ✦ Life getting in the way ✦ Busy work schedule ✦ Me being lazy and preferring to scroll the internet aimlessly […]

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Kawaii Japanese Gifts

I’m sorry for the little hiatus! I’ve been busy with work, learning Bootstrap, watching the Game of Thrones (finally) and with being ill :( Guess it doesn’t help that it just keeps raining in the Netherlands. I wonder if it will ever become Summer here… Oh well, in the meantime there’s Jon Snow ;) Now […]

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Looking back on 2015

Honestly I can’t believe that 2015 is already coming to an end, some months seem to have passed in a blur. There weren’t any major milestones for me in 2015, but I did learn new webdesign skills and welcomed new clients, so I’m very grateful for that. You can see a few of the projects […]

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Kawaii Home Office

My Kawaii Home Office Desk

Today I’d like to show you my tiny kawaii home office. My favourite waste of time is looking at other people’s interiors (or just bluntly peeking through windows) and I hope you’ll enjoy this post ^_^. This is the place where I dutifully code websites, design stuff and update kao-ani. Metin and I both work […]

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80’s Childhood Toys

80s toys childhood - miniature rainbow radio

Yesterday I started the daunting task of helping my parents to declutter their home. One afternoon, five garbage bags and eight boxes later we’ve still got a long way to go (O_o) But I came across some nice childhood memories that I would like to share with you. 1. This miniature radio actually works, you […]

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