Cute Kitchenware by Camila Prada


Years ago Tado tweeted that they had bought several items at Camila Prada. I’ve kept an eye on her cute ceramic creations ever since. So when I received Camila’s newsletter saying that the Sample Sale had started, I clicked on some of the items like a madman and was high on adrenaline when confirming the […]

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Kawaii Kitchen Week – My Collection


Thanks to a blog post from Yvonne about a Shinzi Katoh apple container with worm-shaped chopstick rests, I got hooked to kawaii kitchenware about 6 years ago. Whenever I see something useful with kawaii characters or faces on it, I just have to bring it home. Using or displaying these cute kitchen items really can […]

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Kawaii Kitchen Week – Gladee


Gladee is a Japanese company which originally started selling ceramics in 1991. Later other products where added, such as plush, pouches and bags. The name is made up of the words ‘Glad’ and ‘ee’, which sounds like good (いい) in Japanese. Their company policy is awesome: To create products which stir one’s emotions. To create […]

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Kawaii Kitchen Week – Karel Capek


Utako Yamada is a Tokyo-based illustrator and children’s book author who has created a chain of teatime shops called Karel Capek. The name Karel Capek is kind of random since he’s a Czech writer who invented the term “robot”. The characters are very cute and remind me a bit of illustrations from Shinzi Katoh. Sadly […]

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Kawaii Kitchen Week – Decole


Decole is the brand that actually started my craving for cute Japanese kitchenware (zakka). They make vintage inspired items and each style has got it’s own name. Miranda usually involves cat patterns or cat-shaped items. Other animal-shaped items can be found in the Concombre line. Otogicco is a fairy tale theme, with a lot of […]

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