Moshi Moshi Kawaii Game


I’ve got a soft spot for the pill-shaped Usacolle bunnies, also known as Moshi Moshi Kawaii. So when I stumbled upon their mobile game I just had to try it. At first I was a little scared that it might be too simple or childish, but it’s actually very entertaining! The game starts with an […]

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Free Magazines and Manga for your iPad


Thanks to the iPad I’ve been mostly reading digital books and magazines the last couple of years. I just love to read from my electronic stack of books while lying down on the couch. If you’re also a digital bookworm, you might enjoy this selection of free reads. 1. Mollie Makes The Spring edition (#39) […]

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Game of Cakes


Today I want to introduce you to a sweet game for the iPhone & iPad (sorry Android users ). Game of Cakes will make you feel like you’re visiting a cute patisserie in Paris! For each level -there are 130 in total- you’ll get a couple of cake-pieces. Your mission as pastry chef is to […]

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Cute Flat Design Websites


Maybe you’ve heard of flat design, it’s the buzzword for 2013 & 2014. It basically means that the interface of a website or app is minimalistic, with focus on the content. There’s room for nice color-palettes and icons, but shadows, patterns and shiny effects will hardly be used. Honestly I came to like this approach […]

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Happy Street


Happy Street is a cute game that has been around for a year. Somehow I missed it’s release, until a friend recently brought the game to my attention. Ever since the closing of Pet Society I’ve been avoiding online games and mainly play on my iPad or DS. Happy Street turned out to be a […]

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