Kawaii Box March Review & Giveaway


If you’ve been following my blog, you might have heard of Kawaii Box. With this cute monthly subscription box you’ll receive 10 to 12 hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea at home. My March Kawaii Box arrived just a couple of days after the Easter Bunny had left the country. But I still really […]

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Huiro’s Llama Emoticons


Are you fond of alpacas? Then I’m sure you can appreciate Llama, a fluffy character created by Chinese illustrator Huiro. Llama can be found as a cartoon, animation and even a plush version! Most of the times you’ll see a brown and white llama, accompanied by a tiny piece of happy grass . To me […]

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The Pixel Clocks & Calendars are Back

If you were using one of my pixel clocks or calendars, you might have noticed that they went missing last week. I’ve decided to host them somewhere else, to see if it might solve the recent server problems. Also some people have been asking me if it was possible to display the local time. I’ve […]

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Kawaii Fonts


My freebies section hosts a few cute fonts. But there are some new fonts and dingbats that I’d like to share with you: Kawaii Food Font (also check out Epos’s other cute fonts!) | download here E-font by N-Plus | download here Pacifio, Dancing Script and Sofia can be found at Fontsquirrel Croissant by Eduardo […]

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Kawaii Avatars


These kawaii avatars are 80×80 pixels and you can use them on any bbs or blog you would like. Maybe time to make your on gravatar? Feel free to place your name on them. Save the image you want to use on your harddisk. Please upload them to your own server, or a free image […]

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