Cute Instagram Pets to Follow

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with Facebook. To be honest my timeline has become a bit boring, it looks like a repetition of last year. Lately I find myself more drawn towards Instagram, where I mainly follow people with a kawaii lifestyle. And pets. I need a daily dose of cute pets on the interwebs! […]

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Super Cute Kawaii Guest Writer


I’m very happy to announce that I will be writing guests posts for Super Cute Kawaii from now on (^_^). Marceline was so kind to add Frainy, MissMuffcake, Nicolette and me to the SCK team. I hope you’ll enjoy our contributions to the site!

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Berry Sweetlife


Berry is a tiny striped Panda Fairy who obviously has got a sweet tooth. He is made by Japanese artist Tomoto, she creates whimsical scenes with her sweet and kind characters. Strawberries and melons are not save around Berry. It’s important to know how to make happy cakes. This sweet felt needle version of Berry […]

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What’s In Your Bag?


The question ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ has inspired many Japanese illustrators to show what they usually carry around. Personally I really like to have a peek at someone’s belongings. It will tell you a little bit about them. Here are some of my favorites: Hello Kitty, Sentimental Circus and Rilakkuma goods; kawaii desu ne. Another […]

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The Cutest Hedgehogs on Instagram


Hedgehogs are becoming quite popular as a pet these days. They are relatively easy to take care of and just plain cute! I think Instagram pictures of these prickly critters have sparkled the interest of many. I’m not sure if hedgehogs are permitted as pets in the Netherlands, but I do remember finding one in […]

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