Have a Cute Christmas!


This is a super quick post as I’m heading off to my parents. I hope you’ll have a nice Christmas! If you’ve got some time and cookie dough left, I can highly recommend this Pusheen Holiday Cookies recipe. Find more cute character bakes in my recent Super Cute kawaii post. The free Christmas themed wallpaper […]

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Usamochi Game and Wallpaper


Usamochi and her sister Puchimochi lived on the moon. One day they visited the earth to admire the flowers and indulge in the delicious apples. In fact the bunny sisters ate so much that they gotten too fat to fly back to the moon. So they decided to stay on earth for a while to relax […]

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Kawaii Mobile Wallpapers by Kanahei


Kanahei’s wallpapers are a great way to brighten up your mobile phone or computer. Her whimsical illustrations with girls and animals are hard to resist (look at those bunnies!). It reminds me a bit of the Crux and Q-lia stationery brands. The wallpapers below have a click through link and you can find all the […]

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Traditional Japanese Wallpapers with Cats


Last week you could read about Japanese travel guide cats. This week Debuneko (fat cat) and Maruneko (round cat) -both designed by SK Japan– will show you Japanese festivals and traditions. Takarabune ~December The tradition holds that the Seven Gods of Luck (Shichifukujin) arrive on the Takarabune, a ship packed with gifts, around the New […]

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Molang Desktop Wallpaper


As you might have noticed I’ve got a soft spot for Molang. I decided to make a couple of cute Molang desktop wallpapers, you can download them in 1920x1200px by clicking the pictures below: More Molang Desktop Wallpapers Still craving for more? The Chinese website 5442.com offers 37 pages (!) worth of Molang wallpapers, the […]

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