DIY Polymer Clay Ghost Charm or Pin

My favorite Holiday is just around the corner! And since Halloween wouldn’t be complete without ghosts spooking around, I made some to wear as a necklace or pin. This was my second try at using polymer clay, so I think it’s safe to say that the following DIY is suited for beginners (^_^). You’ll need: Roller (I used […]

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Affordable Washi Tape and a New Holder

Washi Tape Holder - HEMA Jewelry Box

My Washi Tape collection started to grow out of it’s holder and I was on the lookout for a new one. After some searching I stumbled upon a Jewelry Box from the HEMA, that I thought would fit. It’s available in a couple of prints for only € 5,-. I took out the removable compartment […]

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Magnetic Sakura Tree Clip DIY

A number of unpleasant events have affected me and the people close to me lately. Luckily things seem to be taking a turn for the better now. But I felt the need to make something super happy to cheer me up. And since I really enjoy sakura (cherry blossom) it wasn’t that hard to decide […]

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Charlotte Loves to Play With Food

Recently I discovered the work of Charlotte Lovely, thanks to Oh Happy Day. Her pictures are so nice, that I just had to share them with you. Charlotte is a stylist & set designer from London, who likes to spend her spare time on personal projects. She manages to turn everyday objects into colorful -and […]

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Cute Ways to Keep Your Head Cool

Cute Cool Head Cat Mask

You might have noticed my absence last week, I just couldn’t stay long behind the computer because of a migraine attack :(. I highly prefer dark rooms over bright screens during those days. Draping myself over the couch also offers some relieve and sometimes it helps to eat A LOT. This method is just plain […]

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