Dendennis amigurumi story book


A couple of months ago Metin and I visited Dendennis in his studio. He had just released a new DIY amigurumi book and Metin created the illustrations for the accompanying stories. I might be a bit biased, but I think that they both did a great job! The books is partially meant for children as […]

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Wool Felt Artist Ribo

About a year ago I stumbled upon this picture of a beautiful wool felted rabbit. I instantly fell head over heels for the retro style with soft colours. Luckily a little Google-detective-work revealed the artists: Ribo -a.k.a. Ribonetta- from Japan. As a child Ribo was always carrying around color pencils, a sketchbook and her stuffed […]

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Makiko Arai’s Smiling Felt Animals


The next couple of weeks I’d like to introduce you to a couple of Japanese wool felt artists. I’m especially intrigued by wool felted animals that either look super realistic and/or very cute. First up is Makiko, she creates critters from wool felt or clay and also animates them for TV shows. Makiko has released […]

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Cute Plant Pots Ideas


In the Netherlands it’s been very dark and rainy the last couple of weeks. I was feeling a bit blue and decided to brighten up the living room with some cute planters and vases. You can never be too careful with Blue Monday just around the corner ;). I’d like to share some simple ideas […]

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Kawaii Origami Tutorials


Today I’d like to share some cute origami projects, that you can also use to decorate your Christmas gifts with. I’ve used squares of 15 x 15cm and 10 x 10cm made from wrapping paper, since I had no origami paper at hand. This paper worked just as well, except for the white folding creases […]

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