Japanese Stationery Shop Review – Sweet Supplies Store


A while ago I started a series of Japanese Stationery Shop reviews. Only Cute Things from Japan and the Rainbowholic Shop were reviewed, before Cato fell ill :(. To complete this series, I would like to share two more shops with you, starting with the Sweet Supplies Store. I already had a pleasant shopping experience […]

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Renewed Kawaii Box 2018 – Review & Giveaway


It’s been over a year since I reviewed the Kawaii Box, which has recently been renewed. Both the box and website were redesigned with a logo from Tado and kawaii illustrations from ChiChi. I’m a fan of both designers and think they did a great job. Based on customer feedback, Blippo has also lowered the […]

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Cato Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


First of all thank you so much for the kind comments on the blog post about Cato. It was very comforting to read them. Sadly the day after that post Cato was still hardly able to move, which was heartbreaking to see. Cato has always been a very active cat, living by a strict schedule. […]

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Cato Is Ill – A Tiny Blog Hiatus

About 6 weeks ago Cato -who just turned 14- suddenly started to vomit multiple times. Up to the point that she only threw up bile and foam. Throwing up is one of Cato’s specialities, but usually it stops after one time. She also completely stopped eating and drinking afterwards. A quick Google search taught me […]

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Japanese Stationery Shop Review – Rainbowholic Shop


This review contains a bit of cross-posting with the article that I made with Marceline for Super Cute Kawaii. I have only made one order at the Rainbowholic shop so far and really wanted to include it in this series of Japanese stationery shop reviews. I’ll go a bit more in depth about the ordering, […]

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