Blippo Kawaii Shop Review


Recently I received a small box with kawaii goodies from Blippo. You might know Blippo from the popular Kawaii Box, but they also sell kawaii plushes, magazines, straps, candy, bags and much more.


After you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive an e-mail with a list of your items and the shipping date. My package arrived in a week from Singapore Smile All the items came securely packed in a small cardboard box with a cute hand-drawn cat on top. Inside the package I found a Blippo hanger and thank you card.



The first item that I picked was this Hello Kitty Pen. I like the design because it looks cute, but not too childish. The pen comes in four different pastel colours, each with a sweet charm hanging from the cap.


The pen feels sturdy and I was surprised to find out that it’s actually a fineliner! The tip of the pen is thin at 0,38mm and it will write in black. It has definitely earned a place on my desk.


Well, you can probably tell why I wanted a HogeHoge Bunny Plush Charm. This bunny is actually part of the Amuse line, like Alpacasso, but I hadn’t heard of it before. At Amuse you can find a little more info about the HogeHoge characters, apparently they are lazy and that’s why they are so round. Perfect!


Only now I notice that the Panda and Pig are missing a leg on the drawing, weird… Okay on to the review: the bunny is super soft and measures about 6 cm. The strap itself is a little elastic and you can use the bottom of the plush to clean the screen of your phone. Both the embroidering as the bow look very detailed. I’m actually thinking about getting the cat as well.


Next up is the all-mighty Panda Pocky. I received the limited Cookie & Cream edition. Upon opening I noticed that the Pocky sticks were stuck together and that a couple of them were broken. But I guess this might be a problem of having Pocky Sticks shipped, I know that packages often get tossed around.


I carefully unstuck the sticks and tried them, luckily they still tasted crunchy (^_^). The Cookie & Cream flavour was very nice as well. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate, but this had a more delicate taste to it, not too sweet. Also I really liked the happy panda wrapper.



This post was kindly sponsored by Blippo and they will also offer a giveaway! So keep an eye on if you want to win your own kawaii items (★^O^★)

Blog Sale

The last couple of years I’ve been selling and donating many items. I simply had too much stuff and now it’s time to let some cute objects go (that I never use). I hope you’ll see something that you like to buy for yourself or as a gift!


How does it work?

  • If you see something that you would want to buy, please contact me by e-mail.
  • I will sell everything on a first come first serve base.
  • No holds or trades please.
  • You can pay through Paypal and I will ship everything well packed.
  • All items are from a non smoking home in the Netherlands, but I do have a cat (I’ll try to keep her out of the packages though ;)).

Shipping Costs

I can ship multiple items in a boxed package, so feel free to order more to combine shipping costs ^_^.

Envelope Package
Netherlands & Worldwide: €4,- / $5,-

Boxed Package without tracking
Netherlands: €7,- / $9,-
Europe: €12,- / $15,-
Worldwide: €18,- / $23,-

Boxed Package with tracking & insurance
Netherlands: €9,- / $12,-
European Union: €15,- / $19,-
Europe: €21,- / $27,-
Worldwide: €26,- / $33,-

Please understand that I can’t be held responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Cute Japanese items



Cram Cream Cat wallet – Price $17,-
This new wallet measures 19 cm x 10 cm and comes with a lot of space for money and cards.
Shipping: Envelope


Set of 2 Kutusitan Nyanko iPhone 4 Covers – Price $8,-
These covers are unused and some with a cleaning cloth and screen protector. I don’t think they are authentic San-x releases.
Shipping: Envelope


Swimmer iPhone 4 cover – Price $8,-
I’ve only used it for a couple of days, it’s still in a great condition (and super cute).
Shipping: Envelope


Rilakkuma jewel stickers and screen cleaner – Price $7,-
These are both new and original San-x items. You can use the jewel stickers to decorate your phone or other device with. Korillakuma measures about 5 x 3,5 cm.
Shipping: Envelope


Kawaii Plush Pencil Case – Price $7,-
Very cute apple cake plush case (19 cm) from Taiwan, new in it’s plastic wrapper.
Shipping: Envelope


Doko Demo Issyo Jun Revoltech – Price $12,-
This cute bunny is unused and comes with all it’s original accessoires and 3 extra face-plates, except for the outer box.
Shipping: Box


DIY My Little Pony Set of 2 – Price $15,-
Design and decorate your very own one-of-a-kind pony design with this all-white pony figure from Hasbro 2008. The same size as the standard G3 MY LITTLE PONY figures. Both new in their packages.
Shipping: Box

Gothic Lolita Fashion Sewing Magazine Vol. 4 Gosu Rori – Price $10,-
Good condition, but with a small dent at the back cover. Comes with complete (uncut) pattern sheet, which is still attached.
Shipping: I’ll ship it in a padded package, but the shipping costs are identical to that of a boxed package since this mook is so heavy.

Tamagotchi sale items

Please note that all the Tamagotchi items are Japanese, except for the Tama-Go and HK Tama. You can find translated instructions on my former Tamagotchi blog: Pixelmood.


Tamagotchi P’s Deco Pierce Very Sweets – Price $15,-
New and unused, I’ve bought two of them so this one can go Smile
Shipping: Envelope


Tamagotchi Keitai Flower Set – Price $45,-
Pink flower and green clover keitai tamagotchi set, new in their unopened packages.
Shipping: Box


Limited Keitai winter Set – Price $59,-
Hard to find silver Keitai tamagotchi set with stars, new in their unopened packages.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Chu King & Queen set – Price $49,-
These were gently used for a short while and are still in a great working condition without scratches. Just pull the tab and press the reset button to activate.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go with Kuchipatchi and Ringotchi – Price $15,-
This American Tamatown Tamagotchi was gently used and is still in a good working condition with new batteries. There are some small hairline scratches on the front screen, which are not very visible. You’ll also receive Ringotchi with her faceplate.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Hong Kong version with Panda design – Price $59,-
A very cute limited Asian edition Tamagotchi from Hong Kong 1997, with English language. The package itself has got some tiny scratches and comes without tape, but the Panda Tamagotchi has never been removed from it’s package.
Shipping: Envelope


Tamagotchi Odenkun Pink – Price $49,-
This is a hard to find Tamagotchi from 2007, new in it’s sealed package.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Hanerutchi Blue – Price $29,-
A limited blue Hanerutchi Tamagotchi with a shimmery/pearly white case, new in it’s sealed package.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Familitchi Yellow – Price $35,-
Sweet Japanese Familitchi Tamagotchi from 2007, new in it’s sealed package.
Shipping: Box


Tamagotchi Deka Set Blue & Orange – Price $45,-
These are huge Tamagotchi’s on which you can earn points for the Keitai Tamagotchi.
The orange deka is new in it’s box, the blue one has been gently used for a short period and is still in a great working condition (no scratches).
Shipping: Box


Vintage Tamagotchi Sticker Set – Price $5,-
Vintage Japanese Tamagotchi stickers cards of about 20 x 15 cm from 1997. Some of the old Tamagotchi (Angel) characters are pictured on the back.
Shipping: Envelope


Set of 7 Tamagotchi Books – Price $35,-
Various Japanese Tamagotchi guide books about Tamagotchi Plus, Deka and Keitai. Filled with pictures, growth charts, codes and characters. All in a very good condition and 5 of them have got an unused sticker sheet. Click here for additional pictures.
Shipping: Box