Kawaii DIY Tea Crafts

Now the leaves are falling, you can often find me snuggled up behind a book with a cup of herbal tea. Oh and a piece of chocolate, preferable 75% pure (to justify my chocoholic tendencies). So for today’s post I decided to feature some cute tea related crafts.


Polymer Clay Monkey Tea Bag Hanger from Strawberry Soburu. Check out his Weibo for other kawaii clay tutorials!


Amigurumi Muggies from Craft Pattiserie. Carla made these sweet Muggies for other people to adopt and doesn’t provide a pattern. But maybe you can use her creations for inspiration. I have developed some serious crochet envy by now, it’s really something I’d wish to learn.


Felt Bunny Cup Cozy from Hapy Friends Shoppe. I’m sure it will brighten up any dull mug, while keeping your tea warm at the same time ( ^-^)_旦


Bear Mason Jar Cosy at Cut Out + Keep. A great way to upcycle a mason jar into a sweet tea mug.


Kawaii Cookie Tea Bag Holder by This Charming Stuff. If you’ve got some polymer clay at hand, it should be quite simple to create this kawaii tea holder by watching the clear video instructions.


Crochet Tea Bag from fancy That Notion.


Bee and PuppyCat Cozy from Violet Lebeaux. This is actually a coffee mug cozy, but I’m sure your tea mug won’t mind. Happy crafting, keep calm and drink tea!

Getting older

Although it was my birthday yesterday and the first wrinkles are starting to show, I still feel young at heart. I’m a little allergic to grown ups who act like everything is Super Important. A study has shown that the average four-year-old laughs 300 times a day, and a 40-year-old only four. Wow. I think that it’s very healthy to take everything with a little grain of salt. I’d much rather make a joke or funny comment, than to be all business-like. When I was younger I sometimes felt inadequate, other people always seemed to have the right thing to say or do. But these days I simple embrace the child in me and try to be honest and direct. It might come to no surprise that my birthday presents reflect this ;)


Sally wears an outfit that I received from a friend, who also collects Blythes. I love the tiny details and puff sleeves on the dress! Next to Sally is my new preloved iPhone, which was a gift from Metin. I’m very happy with it, since it’s much lighter than my iPhone 4 and takes better pictures. This was a great excuse to finally get myself a Rilakkuma cover. It was on sale at Modes4U, where they also have the sweet polar bear cover from Shinzi Katoh.


Oh yes, Metin knows me so well! I’m not sure if this chocolate brand is available worldwide, but I’m a sucker for the Tony’s Chocolonely limited October editions. These delicious bars have got cherry, banana and liquorice (Dutch candy) in it. Somehow the design reminds me a bit of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


While taking these blog pictures Catootje jumped on my desk, for some much needed attention. I tried to capture her, but the back light resulted in dark pictures. I started to play a bit with the manual mode of my SLR and finally came to understand it better. The picture above was taken with a slower shutter speed, allowing more light to enter the camera. But because it takes longer for the picture to be taken, a moving subject will become blurry, turning Catootje into some sort of ghost-like-creature:


Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!